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You received a Wishcard and already selected a shop to redeem it with. If you have requested the shop voucher by email, but haven't received it yet, you can request the email again here.
Note: You can only request to have the email sent again to the same address you provided earlier. Please also check your spam folder to see if the email arrived there.

Please enter the code on the back of your Wishcard for verification purposes. The email will then be sent to the e-mail address stored in our system.

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Further questions
The Wishcard product is a voucher that can be redeemed online with over 50 partner shops. The voucher can be used for any occasion and at any time. An additional greeting card adds a personal touch to the gift.
You can use the easy redeeming process at to redeem the voucher code and select your favourite from over 50 online shops. Click on "Redeem voucher" in the navigation section and enter your 9-digit voucher code. Select a shop to receive a voucher code for this shop via email shortly.
The voucher can be redeemed online with over 50 partner shops. With Zalando, IKEA, H&M, iTunes, and many more.
At the moment, you can only search shops after purchasing the Wishcard and entering the voucher code during the redeeming process. If you are looking for a certain shop, please send us an email at We will then immediately tell you whether they are already a Wishcard partner.
You can also redeem the gift cards in some retail stores.
The WISHCARD is valid for three years from the date of purchase
All partner vouchers are valid for at least 3 years.
Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to redeem the voucher in more than one shop or to split up the voucher amount.
Please contact customer service by email or by telephone +49(0) 211-78175830. We will then check your voucher code.
Of course, we will treat your data confidentially and your data will not be transferred to third parties. Please read our Privacy Statement for more information.
Customer service

If you haven't been helped here, please send our customer service department an email with your order number to:

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